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Merrill said he was updating the voter rolls to reflect address changes.But Black voters in Alabama are right to be suspicious.“It’s important for everybody to be able to vote and let their choice be known,” Dorothy Guilford told the SPLC shortly after the VRA was gutted.Without its protections, systematic voter suppression—not voter fraud—is the real threat to free and fair elections in the United States.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) expressed concern going into the special election that Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill’s decision to inactivate 340,000 voters one month before the August primary, as well as his recent threat of jailing crossover voters, would have a chilling effect on turnout.

Thanks to the federal probe, some of the offices have since reopened.

But the closures weren’t the last attack by an Alabama lawmaker on the right to vote.

Last fall, she cast her ballot there in the presidential election.

When she returned to her longtime polling place a week ago, on Tuesday, December 12, to vote in the Alabama special Senate election, poll workers said her registration status was “inactive.” “That makes no sense,” Jiles told .

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